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By Samantha March

The Six: Breely - Paperback

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Paperback copy - can choose signed or unsigned. 

About the Book:

Breely Laver is twenty-something, pregnant and furious in Chicago. Breely never set out for motherhood, and is devastated when her birth control fails her. Her fitness career and helping women through her yoga practices is her top priority, while utilizing social media to create a life she truly loves is the most important thing to her. Not even her long-time boyfriend Jordan, who is thrilled at the idea of fatherhood, can get Breely excited for this sudden change in her life. Going from a travel-heavy career to being stuck in Chicago with a newborn is not what she had on her vision board. Though fiercely independent, her group of girlfriends is at her side to support her, and Breely begins to wonder if perhaps everything does happen for a reason. But with the friend group still at odds over a crushing feud that rocked the six girls, Breely has more than just a positive pregnancy test to make a decision about …

This fourth book in a six-part girlfriend series introduces you to Breely, Kristy, Nora, Lauren, Tinsley and Scarlett, and takes readers on six individual stories about relationships, career choices, personal conflict and the bond of friendship.