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By Samantha March

The Gratitude Set

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Practice daily gratitude with the Gratitude set from Samantha March. The set comes with the Daily Gratitude Journal and Gratitude Deck. 


About the Daily Gratitude Journal:

Cultivate daily gratitude and form healthy habits with the Daily Gratitude Journal. This undated journal features a perfect balance of guided gratitude pages and blank pages for you to fill in with all the things that bring joy to your daily life. Use the guided wrap-up pages to look back at your month and stay inspired for the month ahead. You can even use the pages for both morning or evening practice or turn to the guided pages when you're struggling to get the words flowing. This journal is a perfect tool to focus on a mindful gratitude practice that will bring major positive effects in your life. Get it now either on or Amazon and start your gratitude journey today!


About the Gratitude Deck:

The Gratitude Deck by Samantha March - the perfect tool to inspire daily gratitude! This deck includes 54 beautifully designed cards, each with a unique gratitude quote or prompt to keep you focused on the positive things in your life. Whether you're using them as daily affirmations or journal prompts, the Gratitude Deck is the perfect way to celebrate the little things and stay inspired. Each card is durable and reusable, so you can revisit your favorite prompts over and over again. Start practicing gratitude every day with the Gratitude Deck by Samantha March!